The Board Game Design Virtual Summit

The Board Game Design Virtual Summit

Joe Slack and the team over at The Board Game Design Course will be hosting The Board Game Design Virtual Summit on September 14-20, 2020. You can sign up for free to access the content during the summit or pay for access to the content for a lifetime.

Day 1: Game Design Best Practices

  • Why Playtesting is So Crucial
  • How to Design an IP Game
  • Making Party Games That Get Published

Day 2: How to Build a Following

  • Building an Amazing Community
  • Growing Your Following From Zero to Over 2,000
  • How to Market Your Board Game and Get Results

Day 3: Finding Success on Kickstarter… and Beyond

  • Using Conventions to Help You Find Success on Kickstarter
  • Transitioning From Designing to Publishing
  • How to Run a Successful Publishing Business

Day 4: Pitching to Publishers Effectively & Writing a Great Rulebook

  • How to Develop a Great Relationship With a Publisher
  • Understanding What Publishers Really Want
  • How to Create a Rule Book that Players Will Actually Understand

Day 5: How to Find and Work With Others in the Industry

  • Partnering with Influencers
  • Working With Artists and Graphic Designers
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Manufacturing But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Day 6: Thinking Outside the
Board Game Box

  • Combining Teaching and Board Games
  • What Customers Are Looking For: A Retailer’s Perspective
  • Understanding Game Contracts

Day 7: Panelist Q & A

  • Guest Summit panelists
  • Learnings from the Summit
  • Ask questions and have them answered!

The Board Game Design Virtual Summit is hosted by Joe Slack, best-selling author, game design instructor, and game designer (Relics of Rajavihara, Zoo Year’s Eve).


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