Board Game Design Workshop

I have developed a 10-week board game design workshop. Here’s the entire course in a 30-minute video.


For most game prototypes, you can use a 1 inch (25.4mm) round token. This happens to also be the same size as the Arkham Horror LCG chaos token size. Use Avery Round Labels to print a sheet of 1″ round stickers or print on regular printer paper. The stickers can be placed on poker chips or on top of a 26mm coin capsule. I recommend that you use the Avery brand even though the stickers are a bit more expensive. I have used different brands and Avery labels work the most consistently.

If you can also print on regular printer paper and use a 1″ punch tool to punch them out and place inside of a 26mm coin capsule. There are many brands of coin capsules and they all vary in quality. Expect 5% of the coin capsules to have issues like scratches or cracks, or they won’t stay closed.

I like to use cheap 1″ punch tools since they get dull very fast. You want one with an open bottom so you can see what you are punching.

Advanced Tools

Cricut Explore Air 2

I have been using the Cricut Explore Air 2 for cutting card stock and slightly thicker chipboard. You will need the Deep-Point Blade for Explore in order to cut thicker materials and a lot of patience. You will ruin some cardboard while you learn the settings. If the blade is tearing the cardboard, you might have to replace the blade.