The Board Game Design Virtual Summit

Joe Slack and the team over at The Board Game Design Course will be hosting The Board Game Design Virtual Summit on September 14-20, 2020. You can sign up for free to access the content during the summit or pay for access to the content for a lifetime. Day 1: Game Design Best Practices Why…
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Board Game Design Starter Kit on Kickstarter

Check out the latest Kickstarter project from Gabe Barrett. Gabe has released a Board Game Design Starter Kit full of tools and components “to get that game out of your head and onto a table.” Gabe is the creator of the Board Game Design Lab. BGDL is an awesome community and podcast to support board…
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New website for Light Fun Games!

After 15 years of board game design and development, I have launched a new website for Light Fun Games. Light Fun Games is my exploration of creating original game mechanics, helping other designers develop their ideas and games, and providing a centralized place for tips and tools to help other game designers. What would you…
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