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The Game Designers: Board Game Design Documentary is Now on YouTube

Zoom Out Media released the full documentary, The Game Designers, on YouTube! After a very successful Kickstarter campaign and physical media release, The Game Designers documentary is now available to everyone for free. The film centers around board game designers telling their stories. The Game Designers follows five game designers: Antoine Bauza, Matt Leacock, Kelly…
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Dice Size Comparisons

Are you looking for the perfect dice for your next game design? In a recent board game design, I was looking to use dice as an action counter and to resolve actions. On the player card I wanted to fit more dice which led me on a quest to find some smaller dice. The standard…
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Pixels – The Electronic Dice – Smart Light-up Dice

Here’s a Kickstarter project that we love. Pixels. We are getting access to a dev kit next month and we are so excited to experiment with it. Perhaps, CheerLights or ThingSpeak IoT integration!? I am excited about the intersection of the best parts of physical interaction with digital.

Divide and Conquer is now on Steam!

After several months of development, we have released Divide & Conquer: The Board Game on Steam! Divide and Conquer is an abstract strategy board game designed by Hans Scharler and developed by John Fluet of Dangerous Games. The digital game features challenging AI opponents, an intuitive point-and-click user interface, 3D graphics, and an original soundtrack by Luke Stark. To play,…
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The Board Game Design Virtual Summit

Joe Slack and the team over at The Board Game Design Course will be hosting The Board Game Design Virtual Summit on September 14-20, 2020. You can sign up for free to access the content during the summit or pay for access to the content for a lifetime. Day 1: Game Design Best Practices Why…
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Board Game Design Starter Kit on Kickstarter

Check out the latest Kickstarter project from Gabe Barrett. Gabe has released a Board Game Design Starter Kit full of tools and components “to get that game out of your head and onto a table.” Gabe is the creator of the Board Game Design Lab. BGDL is an awesome community and podcast to support board…
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New website for Light Fun Games!

After 15 years of board game design and development, I have launched a new website for Light Fun Games. Light Fun Games is my exploration of creating original game mechanics, helping other designers develop their ideas and games, and providing a centralized place for tips and tools to help other game designers. What would you…
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