Divide and Conquer: The Board Game

Divide and Conquer is an abstract strategy board game designed by Hans Scharler and developed by John Fluet of Dangerous Games. The digital game features challenging AI opponents, an intuitive point-and-click user interface, 3D graphics, and an original soundtrack by Luke Stark. To play, plan your movements, reinforce your positions, and be the first to achieve your objectives. To learn to play, read the rules for the Divide and Conquer board game.

Divide and Conquer Steam Trailer

Divide and Conquer on Steam

Divide and Conquer is now available to play on Steam. This version of the game features AI opponents and an original soundtrack.

Developer Journal

Divide and Conquer was first introduced to the public at Gen Con on August 15, 2008. We had sold out all of our events and built up a small following. We only had four copies of the game at the time.

Divide and Conquer at Gen Con 2008

The board game got shopped around to various publishers and even signed the game to one. After some delays, the rights were given back. We continued to host events at game conventions around the United States and built up our fans.

In 2017, John Fluet of Dangerous Games developed the game using Unity. After some long hours of game development, John produced AI opponents to make the game challenging while fun to play. John recreated the board game using Unity and took advantage of the computer to track movements and turns.

Screenshot of Divide and Conquer from Steam
Divide and Conquer Game Play Video

Light Fun Games has now released Divide and Conquer to Steam!